Web Design

I started teaching myself HTML and CSS with a few classes on Coursera. Once I realized I enjoyed it and it was something I wanted to pursue I decided to go back to school for Web Design. I have been at WCTC for over a year and learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more. Below are a few examples of projects I have worked on in school.

Monarch Pass Logo

This was my final project for my Web Design II class where I had to build a full site using frameworks and templates in Dreamweaver. I used Bootstrap for my frameworks and designed a fictional bike park based in Colorado.

Adventure Works Cycle Logo

This was a side project I did where I created the logo(top image) for a company called MtnWrks. The bottom image was a design a drew up for a T-shirt design for the company as well.

This was my final project for my PHP class. I created a small website for a farm along with a dataset that kept track of their chickens and what eggs or meat they offered from the chickens. Along with this you can edit the weight, meat or egg amount of the chickens.

Treeline illustration