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Patrick Jacobsen

Growing up in Southeast Wisconsin I started riding bmx at a young age. Over the years that turned into mountain biking and only grew from there. A love for being in the woods and outdoors turned into backpacking, climbing, foraging and a love for vans/campers. Accompanied by a Canon in my early 20s, I started to shoot as much as I could and taught myself to use the camera while documenting as much as I could. I spent a few years traveling around the midwest building mountain bike trails. After bouncing around for a bit I decided to pull the trigger on going back to school for Web Design. I had taught myself a bit of HTML and CSS prior to starting and have been loving every bit of it. Since being in school I have learned and taken classes in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress, User Interface Design, Adobe XD - Photohop - Illustrator. Before I started school I took a number of classes on Coursera related to SEO, Facebook advertising, marketing, HTML/Css/Javascript and taught myself Illustrator and Photoshop. I've been catching on quickly, love learning something and am excited to get into this industry.

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